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Virtuoso EHR

Make a seamless transition from paper medical records to a flexible, fully customizable electronic health record (EHR) with LeonardoMD Virtuoso.

Paperless Clinical Document Management

  • Upgrade your practice to LeonardoMD Virtuoso EHR, an ONC-ATCB Certfied EHR for 2014.
  • Take control of your charts with an intuitive clinical document management system. Flexibility is the key here. Whether you simply want to manage your transcription more efficiently or are looking to go completely paperless, charting is dependable, secure, and easy to get off the ground. Standard chart templates for your specialty get you started right away, and the software adjusts to your needs over time, literally evolving as you use it.
  • Deligate staff member roles for patient check-in, vitals, and labs to automate your office.
  • From simple progress notes to elaborate hospital forms, patient information is pulled directly from your patient database, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and reducing the potential for medical errors. Quickly input data from virtually any source, scan images and forms, customize as much or as little as you want, and let the software do all the heavy lifting.

Clinical Workflow

  • All aspects of clinical patient workflow can be viewed, enabling office staff to quickly access records, route tasks and orders, and expedite patient care.
  • Keep track of patient visits in real-time as they check in, see the doctor and check out so you always have a good handle on patient flow.
  • Visits are more informative and timely, reducing wait times and increasing patient satisfaction.

Electronic Prescribing

  • Transmit prescriptions directly to the pharmacy with a click through our e-prescribing module.
  • View patients' problems list, medication history, and reported allergies from the prescribing screen.
  • Quickly apply favorite prescriptions and dosages with one click.
  • Improve patient safety with automated drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction warnings.
  • Cash in on the $2,000/yr per physician ePrescribing incentive from Medicare.
  • Leverage our eRx vendor which has received more awards certifications, passed more audits, and sends more electronic prescriptions each month via SureScripts-RxHub than any other standalone e-prescribing vendor.


  • All orders are routed to the correct departments, and incomplete or overdue tasks are pinpointed with automatic work queues.
  • Increase the effectiveness of physician correspondence, enhancing relationships with referral sources.
  • Request follow-up appointments, labs, and give referrals right in the SOAP note - all on the same screen.
  • Let our E&M Advisor compute the charges for you and route the claim to your billing staff automatically at the end of each note.

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