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Easily and efficiently manage accounts and process claims from anywhere in the country using LeonardoMD’s powerful suite of comprehensive Web-based billing tools.

Electronic Superbills

With electronic superbills, your practice has the option to eliminate the paper shuffle and data entry hassles of superbills. Just like paper, providers or billing staff can quickly select the most current diagnosis and procedure codes (CPT, ICD-9, HCPS). Now, the charges can immediately enter the claims process or be transferred to a billing service.

Medical Claims Management

Create, scrub, and submit electronic claims in a matter of seconds. Control the entire claims management system from any location with an Internet connection. An automated claims scrubbing system double-checks all claims for errors, significantly reducing denied claims. Coding reference is included, so you can stop buying expensive code books. Print CMS-1500 claims, or submit primary and secondary electronic ANSI 837 claims so you can track the status of your claims.

Collections Workflow

Accelerate the collections process by using customizable work queues, automated insurance collections ticklers, and comprehensive tracking tools. Payments can automatically post to the appropriate charge using the electronic ANSI 835 – HIPAA Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA). It is all part of a streamlined process with dramatic time-saving interfaces for complete revenue cycle automation. Webinar: Top 10 Ways to Increase Collections.


Discover the power of quick, ready-to-use reports with the capability to handle virtually any reporting need. Generate reports daily, weekly, or monthly and pinpoint any issues with a simple search query. Save report preferences for easy duplication. Produce traditional reports or create endless custom reports. All reports can be exported into commonly used programs such as Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel. You have the ability to get as in depth as you want while also preserving the convenience of simplicity. Webinar: LeonardoMD Insight - Enhanced ERA Analysis.

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