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Manage your entire practice from any computer anywhere with LeonardoMD’s fully customizable medical scheduling software. Keep track of everything from patients and doctors to rooms and equipment. Multiple locations and satellite offices are easily integrated at no additional cost.

Customizable Scheduling

  • Customizable medical scheduling means you control every aspect of your calendar and the software conforms to how you like to do things. Multiple calendar view lets you see your appointments by day, week, or month. Print with one click for crisp, clean, formatted schedules and calendars.
  • The system can handle the most complex scheduling features for high volume specialties while also offering the basic flexibility needed for any size practice. The software automatically warns you of any scheduling conflicts, virtually eliminating booking errors.

Automated Patient and Referral Management

  • Track the volume of patients from your referral sources.
  • Manage inbound insurance referrals including the authorized period of time and the number of visits allowed.
  • The automated patient check-in system reduces patient wait times for more efficient visits.
  • Copay tracking helps maximize collections at check-in.

Appointment Management

  • A dynamic and flexible appointment management system lets you create and retrieve appointments from one screen. The schedule expands to accommodate overbooking. Time slots are flexible so you are not restricted to 5, 10, or 15 minute increments. Personal appointments are also tracked for vacations, meetings, and other obligations.

Automated Apppointment Reminder Calls

  • Save time spent on daily reminder calls while reducing no-shows by an average of 30%.
  • Record your own custom message for different appointment types, doctors, even different patient languages.
  • Customize how often and how early calls are placed.
  • Receive instant notification of patients needing to reschedule.
  • See the full picture at a glance: Automated calls update each appointment's confirmation status on the schedule screen.
  • Reduce expenses and increase revenue - click here for more details.

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