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Physician: Life with LeonardoMD

Web-based Clinical Documentation and EHR

Access charts and schedules from home, the office, or the golf course with the most advanced, cutting edge clinical documentation and electronic health record (EHR) software available. Using fully secured Web-based software makes your entire practice safer and more accessible, increasing workflow, peace of mind, and efficiency. CCHIT® certified for 2011 means you have the latest tools, and ONC-ATCB certification means you are eligible for EHR stimulus payments.

  • Complete SOAP notes faster than you ever have before using an iPad or PC, or just dictate!
  • Access patient charts, financial information, and forms from any computer, anywhere. No installation required.
  • View your full schedule and block time for procedures, patient visits, and personal appointments.
  • Track patients throughout each visit; delegate check-in, vitals, and labs to streamline your day.
  • Breathe easy knowing your most important information is always available and backed up at secured, commercial data facilities.
  • Be more competitive by cultivating relationships through easy-to-use physician correspondence tools.

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LeonardoMD: Web-based medical practice management software, medical billing software, electronic health records (EHR), and medical scheduling software as a service that enables HIPAA compliance.

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