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Practice Management Software Cost Comparison

In order to compare pricing for practice management software, it is important to calculate the total cost of ownership for each type of implementation. This page is designed to help compare the three most common types of practice management software implementations in terms of total price. The three most common billing software implementations calculated here are described more thoroughly below.

Practice Management Software Cost Comparison

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Costs of Ownership In-office Server LeonardoMD Billing Service
Setup Fee $ $ $
Staff Training $ Included $
Monthly Subscription Cost Varies $ $
Monthly Support Cost $ Included $
Monthly Clearinghouse Fee $ Included $
Monthly Billing Commission (6.5%) $ None $
Monthly Salary: In-house IT $ IT Provided $

Total 2-Year Cost of Billing $ $ $
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Ownership cost estimates above are calculated from industry average expenses, and are not representative of any specific offer or product. For specific information about LeonardoMD, including detailed pricing, volume discounts, and special offers, request detailed pricing for your organization here.
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Method 1 :: In-house Solution - Server in Office

This type of practice management software is the typical "box" software package. Usually, the software package and the hardware (including a server) is purchased at a high price initially, and some amount of staff training is purchased from the vendor. Then, practice staff members are tasked with maintaining the software, with occassional updates purchased from the vendor.

This type of software is by far the most expensive and high-maintenence, and the responsibility for keeping the system secure, running, and properly backed up is balanced against the benefits of having complete control over the data and the software.

Method 2 :: Outsourced Solution - Employ External Billing Service

This method involves contracting all elements of insurance claim submission and patient billing with an outside billing service, usually based on a percentage of collections. The billing service will usually provide access to the software they use for communication with practice staff members.

This type of billing implementation can be desirable depending on the size of your practice, but can be very expensive depending on the contract. Using an outside billing service can dramatically reduce the in-office workload; however, the transfer of control over practice data combined with the common instability of billing services make the choice of billing service crucial to the strength of your practice. Contact us to request a list of recommended billing services that have proven to be reliable and will be economical for your practice.

LeonardoMD: The Affordable Premier Practice Management Software Solution

Method 3 :: Focus on Core Competencies, Outsource IT - Subscribe to LeonardoMD

Usually, the most effective business model for your practice is using your staff only for what they do best (managing the practice, documenting patient visits, etc.), while outsourcing software costs (hardware, IT staff, etc). LeonardoMD is a good example of the web-based practice management software model, in which a small group of expert software developers and IT support personel partner with a large number of practices to efficiently distribute the cost of hardware, claims submission, and HIPAA compliancy, and to amortize the multitude of high start-up costs into one low monthly subscription.

Leverage the control and reliability you would get from an in-house server with the external expertise and support of LeonardoMD, and find the optimal business model for your practice. And because LeonardoMD is used by so many practices nationwide, the subscription fee is often significantly lower than either of the other two methods described above. Fill in the information about your practice in the calculator above to see how much money you could be saving with LeonardMD.

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