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Plastic Surgery Practice Management Software

LeonardoMD offers scheduling, billing, and charting toolsets designed specifically for plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgeons.

Plastic Surgery Scheduling Software

More than any other specialty, plastic surgeons need quick and easy access to their practice management system. LeonardoMD lets plastic surgereons easily move between multiple treatment locations, hospitals, and surgery centers without losing any functionality and maximizes the number of patients seen every day.

  • Easily schedule surgeries in multiple locations.
  • Schedule your hospital time weeks in advance to streamline your daily itinerary.
  • Automatically schedule your equipment, operating rooms, and other resources according to appointment type.
  • View robust reports by day, week, or month, and export to Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat.

To see a free demonstration of how LeonardoMD's web-based scheduling system works, register for a scheduled demo.

Plastic Surgery Billing Software

Billing for plastic surgery can be challenging without professional tools. Utilize LeonardoMD's plastic surgery-specific revenue cycle management (RCM) system to easily handle all charge entry, automate claims submission, maximize collections, and simplify reporting with an easy-to-use, adaptable interface.

  • Reference all the current diagnosis and procedure codes (CPT, ICD-9, HCPS) for quick input.
  • Save your favorite surgical codes to easily reuse them on the next visit.
  • Quickly and easily submit workers compensation claims.
  • Fee schedules can be instantly built by using a multiplier of the Medicare fee schedule, which is pre-loaded according to geographic location and updated automatically.
  • Insurance cards can be easily scanned for reference in the billing process.
  • Ensure carriers are paying consistent with your contract using allowed amount schedules.
  • Create collection ticklers for today, tomorrow, two months from now, whenever – and let the software keep track to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

To see a free demonstration of how LeonardoMD's electronic billing module works, register for a scheduled demo.

Plastic Surgery EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Software

LeonardoMD was built from the ground up with plastic surgery charting in mind and with input and suggestions from our plastic surgery member practices. Our plastic surgery-specific templates will allow you to chart by exception, the easiest and fastest electronic charting method available.

  • View the patient's entire medical record from one screen using our chart document viewer.
  • Use LeonardoMD's plastic surgery-specific office visit and surgical procedure templates to chart by exception.
  • Free transcriptionist logins will simplify and can outsource your dictation process.
  • Automatically categorize your patients and track where your revenue is coming from.

To see a free demonstration of LeonardoMD's plastic surgery-specific templates and chart documents, register for a scheduled demo.

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