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Case Study: Medical Reimbursement Consultants

Business Overview

Medical Reimbursement Consultants, Inc. (MRC) is a professional medical billing service for primary and specialty care providers. MRC's mission to provide the physician office with appropriate audit trails, submission of clean claims and maximum reimbursement according to the service rendered. MRC is available to serve providers of general practice, family practice, OB/GYN, pediatrics, physical therapy, chiropractic, urgent care, internal medicine, podiatry, pulmonary, neurology, and neuropsychology. MRC hires only experienced staff including Certified Professional Coders. Contact MRC at (877) 852-9255 or email kim@mrcbilling.com. View MRC's web site at www.mrcbilling.com.


When you were looking for software, what were your primary needs?

"We were looking for an application that minimized data entry by retaining as much repetitive claim information as possible. We wanted an internet based, secure application that was HIPAA compliant. Finding someone who would work with our other vendors was also important to us. Another key element was the ability to separate financial locations within each data base."

What influenced your decision to subscribe to LeonardoMD over other medical billing service systems?

"The staff at LeonardoMD was willing to work with us concerning timeframes for data conversions, helped us with financial and pricing plans that enabled us to move as quickly as our situation required. The fact that the coding is updated automatically and the software is receiving ongoing modifications is important. The reports were somewhat lacking, however we are confident that as we see report trends that are required, LeonardoMD is open to meeting our needs."


How would you describe the implementation process with LeonardoMD?

"We were able to implement fourteen data bases with thirty-nine providers within a six week period. Our office staff and the office site staff members were trained within the same six week period. We needed data file conversion for ten of the fourteen clients. These conversions were completed within a four week period, which was excellent given the amount of data and unusual opportunities that presented themselves during the conversion exercise. In all areas of implementation, training, support, conversion and electronic billing, we are very pleased with our outcome."

How would you describe the quality of the LeonardoMD medical billing software and customer support?

"LeonardoMD is easy to use in all areas, i.e. registration, charge entry, billing, scheduling, and account management. We have had good results with the software and our customers love it whether they are using just scheduling or doing their own data entry. Our billing staff thinks it is fantastic. We have some part time billers that work on systems other than ours. They also believe that LeonardoMD is a much better application than they use at other work sites. The ability to design code sets, user defined adjustment codes and the modification logs are just a few of the features we believe brings something extra to the software.

"The training and support surpassed our expectations. Training has been a pleasure. Options to attend live sessions or video sessions make training convenient for the trainee. Support issue response has been same day, usually within hours of an emailed request."

What is unique about LeonardoMD?

"The implementation and training time is minimal compared to other applications. The internal security levels are a great tool that helps keep staff within the areas of the application that they need to use. The fact that the application is continually updated and the updates are easily communicated to the users helps everyone from the end user to the support department. The application logic uses common sense and follows the flow of medical billing. Obviously the software was developed by someone who knew how to perform medical billing efficiently. The “list view” allows us to create reports with the parameters that we need, i.e. dates, providers, procedures, etc. It is a great tool within the application.

"The quick response to whatever we needed whether it was a new data base, changes in conversion data or general support. The on-line training was also an unexpected surprise. It certainly made our implementation go much smoother. As we work with LeonardoMD and have more experience with them we are convinced that we made the right choice by selecting their software."


"LeonardoMD has met the needs of our medical billing business. We are pleased to have found such a cooperative vendor who enables us to meet obligations to our customers. The medical providers depend on us to do their medical billing as efficiently as possible. LeonardoMD is an important part of our business."

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