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Case Study: Stephen Paul Beals, M.D.

Practice Overview

Dr. Stephen P. Beals is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in craniofacial and aesthetic surgery. He recently expanded his busy solo practice to two additional locations in Phoenix, Arizona. Since implementing the LeonardoMD system, Dr. Beals has had lower costs and higher levels of efficiency. These improvements have allowed him to further expand his practice, opening a cosmetic office in Paradise Valley and another clinic at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.


Dr. Beals’ paper-laden practice management system was dragging down efficiency and hampering his staff’s ability to communicate and work effectively. The system required staff to duplicate one another’s work, provided little verification, and was prohibitively expensive. Paper, copier, transcription, and courier costs were increasing rapidly.

In order to achieve their expansion plans, the office needed a system that would streamline scheduling, billing, and charting systems and increase communication. Before construction was completed on the new office, Dr. Beals needed a system to be fully operational with trained staff.


After an extensive search of practice management and electronic health record (EHR) software options, Dr. Beals was thrilled to discover LeonardoMD.

“Other systems had some nice things about them. But they were incredibly expensive, needed a tremendous amount of updating, and became outdated quickly,” Dr. Beals said. “When I found LeonardoMD, it really fit the bill completely.”


After subscribing to LeonardoMD, Dr. Beals’ office was trained in days, not weeks. Dr. Beals was able to expand his practice even further and manage his multiple locations from home.

The staff was thrilled to go paperless, never having to worry about hunting for charts, bills, or schedules again. Charting, billing, and scheduling access was finally secure and readily available to multiple users simultaneously.

The reduced workload has enabled Dr. Beals to lower support staff by eliminating the now unnecessary filing clerk position. Chart, paper, toner, maintenance, transcription, and courier costs were reduced or eliminated, resulting in huge day-to-day savings.

Most importantly, Dr. Beals said, the quality of patient care has improved because his “documentation and communication is so much better than it has ever been before.”

Using LeonardoMD’s subscription service, Dr. Beals only pays for what he uses. His system will never go out of date, crash unexpectedly, cause loss of data, or require in-house maintenance. LeonardoMD’s practice management and electronic health record (EHR) system has enabled Dr. Beals’ practice to become more responsive, efficient, and cost-effective, leading to a more profitable business and an overall improvement in patient satisfaction.

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