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“Anywhere that there is Internet access I can access my site, log on, do my chart documentation, and basically have complete access to my entire office and all of its affairs.” - Christopher Chung, MD

“I have been using LeonardoMD Renaissance for almost a year for three of my clients, and I am extremely impressed with the system. I strongly recommend it for any medical practice.” - Diana Walker, Walker Medical Associates

“I have found LeonardoMD to be a very easy to use, versatile asset to my practice…I have not had any problems with downtime and customer support has been absolutely wonderful…The electronic record attached to the billing component and scheduler eliminates duplicate data entry.” - Evan Sorokin, MD, Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery

“LeonardoMD has met the needs of our medical billing business. We are pleased to have found such a cooperative vendor who enables us to meet obligations to our customers. The medical providers depend on us to do their medical billing as efficiently as possible. LeonardoMD is an important part of our business.” - Taunya Andrews, Medical Reimbursement Consultants, Inc.

“My two billers now have all claims done within 24 hours…I complete encounters on the fly during clinic with no appreciable difference in my patient wait…my operative reports are done with templates and it now takes me about 3 minutes which is faster than dictating…I would be willing to talk to any prospective users…” - Don Buford, MD, Orthopedic Surgery

“LeonardoMD has been a significant enhancement for my practice…I have been impressed with the responsiveness of the company…I have never had any trouble with access and am relieved not to have to maintain a system myself.” - Thomas Dodson, MD, General & Forensic Psychiatry

“If you’ve used basic Internet browsing you will catch on fast. Moving throughout the application is easy…You can see every communication regarding a patient that was ever made.” - Becky Hammond, Stephen Paul Beals, MD

"We have had good results with the software and our customers love it whether they are using just scheduling or doing their own data entry. Our billing staff thinks it is fantastic. We have some part-time billers that work on systems other than ours. They also believe that LeonardoMD is a much better application than [the systems] they use at other work sites." - Kim Allbaugh, President, Medical Reimbursement Consultants, Inc.

“The biggest key to why LeonardoMD works for us is because of the support system…We get updates even before we know we need them.” - Marsha Hawk

“I just want to adopt it and take it home with me.” – Becky Frias

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LeonardoMD: Web-based medical practice management software, medical billing software, electronic health records (EHR), and medical scheduling software as a service that enables HIPAA compliance.

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